iSolid® 3D Software

iSolid® 3D is design software with an interface entirely in English and Vietnamese. Design techniques are integrated into the software to maximally support users in designing and assembling all products in the real world. Minimalist design principles are implemented in software to help users have a powerful, versatile and modern design tool. The standard version of iSolid 3D design software includes: copyright card (01/10 years), installation file stored on 01 USB/CD and a design instruction book.

The design manual introduces users to the basic functions of the software, from 2D drawing design to creating plane profiles to 3D rendering functions to create a detail or product. Discrete parts and products will be assembled into clusters of parts and complete products in the software's 3D assembly environment. In addition, users can also customize materials, colors of details as well as insert images into the product. Interface designed in Vietnamese is an outstanding advantage compared to similar software products.

The design reference library regularly updated on the iSolid design space is a repository of 2D - 3D application objects: robot models, houses, appliances, vehicles, details... are introduced, Designs from the iSolid community, etc., users can download to add to the design product.

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