CAD World is one of the pioneering enterprises producing 2D and 3D design software in Vietnam. The product is design software built and developed over many years, with advanced technology, the foundation of the 3D design system. The company's team of experts are engineers who are well-trained in programming, have in-depth knowledge and experience in designing products for household, industrial, construction, fashion, agriculture, medicine. department,..


“In daily life, sometimes you need to design a product for yourself but don't know where to start.. Years ago, it took a lot of time, effort and money.. Today, with The strong development of computer software, production technology, .. you can completely design your own products. CAD world wants to bring a 3D design space to you. Besides, CAD World also provides a database of popular models and custom design software..from there, we can design innovative products quickly, professionally, ..The field of design in general not only builds (draws) a 3D model, but also has the support of simulation software to optimize the design product..”

By 2025, CAD World will be the leading enterprise in the field of design software in Vietnam. At the same time, becoming a center of design, research and production of new products in the fields of: household, industrial, construction, fashion, agriculture, medical, .. Design products from universal communication to high-end, to accelerate and improve design quality.


CAD WORLD's mission is to develop software products and services to help customers design and manufacture products in a completely new, more efficient, more economical way to change. productivity and efficiency not only in an individual but also in companies.


GreatCAD® 2D design software (Pro version, Standard version) and iSolid® 3D design software English and Vietnamese versions (Made in Vietnam).

iSolid® design ecosystem ( E-commerce trading floor,


CAD World wishes to become a supplier of software products and design services that are loved by all ages and professions. Therefore, we believe that quality and creativity are the companions of CAD World. CAD World is customer-centric and is committed to meeting all customer needs.


Always satisfy and be responsible to customers by gradually improving and diversifying products and services, ensuring quality with competitive prices, respecting business ethics and complying with laws.