Product design service

CAD World has many years of experience in designing products, machines and works for customers' convenience and better understanding of design, quotation and payment. Apply application at Company:

Areas of the design team:

– Designing industrial product catalogs, creating product design introduction videos.

– 2D, 3D drawings: Export 2D drawings according to TCVN, ISO standards – Build 3D models, create product demos.

– Create technical drawings, 3D perspective – interior decoration,..

– Designing Civil Robots and Industrial Robots,..

– Office product design

– Product design in the field of mechanics, mechatronics,..

– Designing products for mold making

– Designing products in the field of jewelry,..

– Designing products in vehicles,..

– Optimized design in commercial products

– Design products for home use: depending on specific design requirements,..

The CAD world offers 3 design packages:

Commercial Design Package

Standard Design Package

Premium design package.


1. Commercial design package:

In a rapidly developing commercial environment like in recent years, it is quite important for businesses to introduce to their customers their outstanding products and services. The product or service will be more prominent if customers experience the product with a 3D perspective. Customers can see, aim, rotate.. as well as understand the structure and features that are different from other similar products on the market. With this design package, we will render for you video files, catalogs, .. introduce your products or convert them into a format that you can integrate into the company's website.< /p>

You are trading industrial, household products..want to introduce your customers to that product, please contact us immediately. In particular, the product introduction commercial package does not require providing detailed dimensions, you can provide basic information, we will help you quickly sketch 3D drawings.

2. Standard design package:

Design package for customers who have the need to design actual and realistic products into specific products that are not on computer drawings. Then realize the product through CNC technology, plastic injection, 3D printing,..

Usually the design package is suitable for businesses that already have initial sketches, want a more professional design as well as ensure the technical specifications when the product is put on the market or they want to show off the idea to register the design product.

With this design package, you will provide detailed parameters for us to quickly implement.

3. Premium design package:

Not only design, if your business already has a design engineer group but still wants to find another unit to optimize its products, CAD World is such a unit. We have a team of engineers specializing in calculations - simulations with professional knowledge and well-trained in analysis, design, and simulation. Why is it necessary to have simulation engineers in the production process, saving materials and ensuring stability and safety are important requirements when designing, those engineers will optimize materials to help businesses Businesses save a considerable amount of cost in industrial products, by combining simulation design, your business has a more professional design support unit.

Professional design package for businesses that have manufactured and brought products to market, wishing to improve, upgrade, and optimize products.


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