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Simulation Technology

            Quality of the product is always a major concern of manufacturers as well as users. The same product but over time, durability and reliability will also change, which is one of the reasons that the price of production and trade of each product is very different. Simulation technology is applied in the field of design to optimize, predicting in practice, helping producers save time, effort, .. Because now the products are simulated, experiment, calculate in virtual environment.


modelCFX 1

Figure 1: Flow simulation when cross section changes (blood vessels, fuel lines)



Figure 2: 3D modeling problem

                   With the powerful development of simulation technology, users can completely rebuild the working environment roughly equivalent to the reality to see the behavior of the material or product itself in the computing environment. Virtual on the computer. The foundation of this technology is finite element method and finite volume method. There are 3 basic steps to build simulation calculations: Preprocessing, Processing, Post Processing. In particular, the first step is quite important to determine the correctness of the problem and the remaining work is the software. After the results of the analysis, engineers or technology experts will evaluate the results designed to make appropriate adjustments.
Pre Processing – Input the calculator parameters: 3D CAD model, material, physical environment, meshing.


Figure 3: Mesh 3D objects

                Processing: When the parameters are full, the CAD – CAE files will implement algorithms to apply the modeling problem to the differential equation system to solve and output the results.

Post Processing: Results are usually stored on the computer with information on: transposition field, response field, model moving image, etc.

FluidCFX 3







Figure 4: Stress – deformation field results after simulation

                    Thus, the designer can completely perform simulation problems with any model by the CAE simulation software easily, quickly. However, the evaluation of the results after the analysis. It requires the person who performs the simulation to have certain knowledge to make good judgments and customizations.


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