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Design based on simulation technology

Today with the rapid development of modern technology, we can completely design the technology products from our own designs quickly, professionally without engineers with in-depth knowledge of design – calculation – simulation.

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Product design through simulation technology.

                  A computer with versatile design software such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, NX, Catia … Combined with some knowledge of durability calculations and design optimization (simulation), we can design any product you want..Is it interesting? .. The rest is to implement your product is a 3D printer .. The process of creating a product has been simplified.. Such as: the design, fabrication, testing product and finally production process.

Today’s software has evolved to the point where support for almost the maximum possible user can design products from simple to complex systems. As before, designers have been building 2D drawing products quite slowly and complexly. Requiring the user to have professional knowledge, now 3D software is the viewing angle. The other thing about designing directly what we want without having to imagine too much. After finishing drawing them, they can also assemble them as real objects. That is the great step forward of the CAD world today. Because you can almost see your product in every view, although they have never been realized before. Fine tuning is also an attractive job with reverse engineering. Master software is used today: Inventor, Solidworks, Catia, Pro Engineer, etc. Simulation technology is once again used to express motion, In practice of the product, most of the design software integrates this function quite amazing.
It is difficult to imagine how product size and layout are justified .. this is where the analysis software (CAE) will help you. After the preliminary design of the product, we embed our model into the software. By designing the constraints, the initial conditions are identical to those in the actual product of the program that produces the results so that we can customize the latter for optimum results in terms of aesthetics. Fine, technical as well as durable over time of the product. Most of today’s CAE software is based on finite element method (FEM, XFEM, ..) to simulate the behavior of a solid object, the finite volume method used for the problem of matter: air, gas, fluid … Many studies have been done to compare the actual results as well as the results of the simulation .. Thus, the products made are competitive and the quality is guaranteed. Typical software is widely used: ANSYS, ABAQUS, SOLIDWORKS, INVENTOR, NX, CATIA, ..
The complete design table is calculated optimally. Simulation will still be a product on the computer if not realized. There are many ways to make a product. For example, traditionally they have methods such as casting, welding, turning. However, they take a lot of time as well as effort to create a product .. Meanwhile, 3D printing technology is widely used. A model with a format suitable for each printer will be implemented quickly and accurately, not requiring the knowledge as deep as before. Many years ago a 3D printer could be a research topic. Now they have been commercialized a lot. We can buy it in big cities. The price of a machine. Printing depends on the accuracy as well as the wishes of the user. A conventional plastic printer will cost you a different jewelry printer. So depending on the needs we can choose. Or sometimes we can print them by sending the model to the print shop to implement. Simulation technology really works when we can fine-tune the model to save the most material while still ensuring that the product is still performing well.

Therefore, modern product design process from computer design, simulation optimization, and 3D printer realization will become a new production direction in the near future. Designers are no longer encapsulated in a team of engineers that can be a person with a passion for technology.

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